How could a bad haircut put a curse on your life? Well of course it couldn’t but it could put a dent in your enjoyment of one day or two perhaps the entire week just by the way you focus on it… Just by the way you refuse to acknowledge that it is a very temporary setback and your hair will grow out again… Just by refusing to believe and realize that ultimately you will have a second chance at successful grooming!

Isn’t it odd the way our self-talk can go? “I just know my husband (or wife) won’t like this mess of a haircut. This is just a disaster!  Now how can I go to a job interview looking like this?” We do tend to obsess over things that are so fleeting and basically no big deal.

Why did I start by using a haircut as the subject of my musings? Simply because with a rather insignificant event sometimes it is easier to understand and admit what many times we do to sabotage our own joy. Just as easily I could have used the example of his fancy formal shirt ruined by a wine spill or the elegant dress that shrank to doll-size in the wash. Even if all three things had happened they would not be enough to actually ruin a life!

It is important to realize that any discomforting event will eventually be past history. The quicker we are willing to maintain a positive focus while accepting things as they are right now, the sooner things will change for the better. Holding on for dear life to misery, continually feeding it more energy, just creates more misery and emotional upheaval.

To look at it in a different way, what you resist persists. There is no getting around the fact that the more we push against the existing circumstances, refusing to accept them, the longer they seem to stay with us. The more we hold tight to our unhappy feelings, the more miserable we become.

All of this does not suggest that you should not take corrective action when it is called for but it should be done with a feeling of allowing things to work out in their appropriate timing. Force brings about opposing force. The more we demand situations to change this instant the harder, denser and more unmovable they become.

On any issues larger than a haircut for instance it is perfectly normal to be upset over the loss of a friendship or the passing of a pet. In such circumstances we simply need to limit the amount of time we allocate to grieving and begin to put energy into more progressive pursuits. Such heartfelt losses need not be allowed to ruin endless weeks and months. There will always be other people who will be grateful for your friendship. There will always be loving pets needing you.

I actually have seen people go into mild depression over the fact that their favorite automobile was no longer repairable, simply could not function and had to be “retired”. Life is too precious to waste any of it in ongoing regret or self-recrimination of any kind. I “could have” or “should have” never solves anything.

Each one of us is here on earth to use our wonderful God given gifts and talents while learning our life lessons. If we are to fulfill our destiny we need to pursue our life paths with determined optimism and joy. It is difficult to be productive if we are continually looking over our shoulders at past unhappiness or reviewing current difficulties over and over again.

Think of it this way: one plan didn’t work, but there are other options; the home you wanted was already sold, but there will be a better one; your friend moved away, but you can ease your next door neighbor’s loneliness with a few moments of your company while at the same time making your own feelings lighter in the process.

Keep looking on the bright side and your personal light will shine brighter not only for your benefit but for others. There is never a good reason to concentrate on what you do not want. Look instead to what you can do right now this moment to access your inner joy.

When you can find a reason to be thankful, to be grateful for anything at all, it is much easier to get into your joy. And when you are joyful you will find positive creative ideas will come so easily. Being in joyful gratitude gives you added energy to carry out those tasks that are calling for your special abilities. I believe that each one of you my readers is capable of greatness!

If you need a little help in keeping your thinking on a positive track while stopping all the worrisome “detours”, give me a call. Hypnosis is a quick and effective way to restructure your habitual thinking. With some hypnotherapy you will find yourself believing in “possibilities” rather than “problems”. Inculcating or installing a positive attitude with the help of your subconscious mind allows you to access clearer thinking and simpler solutions to life’s stumbling blocks.

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You and I, as we are manifest in our physical bodies, are mostly water! As we have seen scientifically: water is affected by sound. Patterns are created in water when sounds are played into it. It makes no difference whether the sound is given to just one glassful of water or an entire lake. Much of our knowledge of those dramatic effects of sound were brought to our attention by the work and clearly photographed experiments of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto’s many books are well worth a study. The effects on water of sound and the spoken word are clearly visible in his photos.

Because our bodies are mostly water and sound effects water, it explains the dramatic changes that can be caused by specially tuned metal “forks”. The sounding of 12 tuning forks in proximity of a human body or an animal friend can clear the energy centers or “chakras” of debris or unwanted emotion filled ideas and memories. In addition the sounding of those forks can reenergize the chakras to communicate and work with each other in harmony.

Perhaps one of the most dramatic findings is the effect of sound on the watery composition of DNA. It has been believed for some time that we carry “junk” DNA that is inactive and serves no purpose. It now seems that may be totally untrue. In fact it now appears that the inactive DNA can be activated. Just as impressive is that with the use of the 528 Hz tuning fork the working DNA can be cleared and activated in the same way as the chakras can be brought to efficient working and communicating with each other. To go a step further it makes sense that using the sound of the 528 Hz fork to clear DNA could clarify our life purpose. In addition I believe such a clearing could remove any stumbling blocks such as negative inherited tendencies from our parents. With such negativity removed, it would become easier to move forward to accomplish the true purpose of our current lifetime.

It still amazes me that working with chakra clearing is just as effective at a distance as it is up close and in person. In other words, I have personally cleared chakras via the telephone or skype and received excellent results and feedback.

If you feel drawn to make improvements in your personal energy, give me a call. A clearing of your chakras utilizing the tuning forks, color breathing and gem stones can make a measurable difference in the energy that is available for your use.

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Many of my clients suffer from their remembered personal mistakes, hurtful criticism from others or similarly harsh memories. Living with the memories of such tightly held negative experiences can keep them stuck in emotional and mental pain, unable to move forward with their desires on their life path.

Worse yet is our tendency as humans to not only remember the bad times but to make these memories even worse with embellishment! In other words not only do we remember he said this, she said that but we begin amplifying it: “I am sure they told everyone I know. No one will ever forgive me…” On and on it goes until the original event has become nearly global in the memory effect’s intensity!

We need to find a way to let the past be over and done in order to move on and enjoy our own lives. Part of the solution is to see absolutely everything as having been an opportunity to learn. All the things that have happened to any of us have brought us to be who we are today in this now moment. Let’s reframe those seemingly bad experiences as life education and needed information.

When I work with someone in hypnosis before I begin I ask a lot of questions. I need to know how I can help them remember their experiences in the most positive way possible. My belief is we need to view all events as either good (“I learned a lot by that!”) or very good (“I now know how to handle it the next time something similar happens”).

If we can eliminate viewing anything as devastating or horrible, we have a “leg up” to making progress. Instead of trying to live it down let us try living it up. Let those events and experiences be a positive. Why and how a positive? Simply acknowledging the instructions it gave us. We now know better ways of dealing with similar events and do not need to return to any hurtful, negative ways of handling life events and the resulting difficult memories.

If your personal self-esteem has been damaged by any life events and you would like to move forward with your life desires in a positive and assured way, call me today. Your successful living and progress is my priority. You do not need to be stuck. Let me set a personal private appointment to help you with any seeming roadblocks.

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Oh yes, those New Year’s resolutions. We all make-um, we all break-um. If we are totally focused maybe, just maybe, we stay with it till mid-January.

Let’s do it differently this year. Feel free to make all the huge all-encompassing mind blowing resolutions for your desired life changes but then: break them down into manageable little action steps, just some little bites.

For instance let’s say you feel heavy and you want to lose 30 pounds of body weight. Instead resolve to eliminate 3 pounds with each passing week. It isn’t such a terrible frightening goal as the entire 30 pounds. It is attainable without having to constantly worry and fight the battle of the whole amount.

Perhaps you have decided that you would be happier living in another location. Instead of packing your bags on January first, simply resolve to begin researching the possibilities in as many locations as attract you. You might order maps, populations numbers, locations of stores that you feel necessary, cost of rents etc.

Let’s admit it there is something about the start of a brand new year that sometimes causes us (metaphorically) to jump overboard. Breathe! Decide what your optimum end result would be and work backward from there.

If I truly want result “Z” what would I need to do first, what action should I take to accomplish steps “Y” and “X”? Or if I have not build any platform leading up to accomplishing “Z” should I go all the way back to “A”?

I promise you will feel much more in control if you will just outline and put in writing the small actions that lead up to your desired large result. You are more likely to stay the course and obtain the ultimate winning goal by taking action on those “little bites”.

As a certified clinical hypnotist I have helped many clients obtain life-affirming and gratifying results by guiding them one important step at a time. Is there a beautiful change you would like to make for 2017? Do you want this year to be the best one ever? Let’s plan together. I am here to help you.

Reverend Lois Cheney




Do you occasionally experience what seem to be irrational and completely unfounded fears, fears without reason or basis?  If so you are not alone. It happens to more folks than you might think. Do you say to yourself: “What is the matter with me that I am so afraid of…?” For example perhaps you panic when in a large crowd. Or maybe you feel an inability to enter the enclosed space of an elevator. Do heights bother you unreasonably? It might be that a stray dog or even a small spider would cause unpleasant fears and negative reactions.

There are as many diverse fears as there are people. However it appears true that with all fears including extreme fears or phobias, the origins or triggering events are past situations and past traumatic experiences. That original past event with its strong accompanying emotion may have occurred when we were children or in another long past lifetime. The fear could have originated last year or thousands of years ago.

As a clinical hypnotist I can first tame and then totally eliminate all kinds of fears if a client will work with me to search for the place and time that the troubling reaction originally occurred. Once the originating event is found, I can design a program of hypnosis specifically for that client’s needs. Because every person is unique, an original program for that individual will be needed.

Included in their personal healing program, among many positive ideas to release the recurring problem, there may be suggested a method for the client to forgive a well-meaning adult who implanted the original fear. In addition in a few cases I have discovered there is the need for the client to forgive themselves for some error they feel they committed in the past such as engaging in a particularly risky behavior without considering the possible consequences.

Because every situation and every cause are different, I spend as much time as needed to be sure of correctly addressing the problem at hand. Applied hypnotherapy can move energy in a speedy more effective way than mere talk therapy. Why is that? Hypnosis utilizes the continuous action of a very faithful servant, your own subconscious. When we are able to saturate your subconscious with new progressive ideas using hypnosis, your subconscious will continue to work for you 24 hours each and every day to create the desired result. That method of hypnotic saturation brings you healing more quickly than any other therapy.

If you have decided to live without any needless fear, call me. I am ready to help you. Reverend Lois Cheney, ArkansasPsychicHypnotist.com  (928)300-2030



Do you realize that you are “hypnotized” many times a day? If you are in your car and arrive at your work or the grocery without memory of how you got there, you were hypnotized or entranced by your own thoughts!

If you sit in front of the television while your mind is elsewhere you were in a form of hypnosis. Every time you drift off in the middle of a friend’s conversation to other thoughts you are hypnotized.

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. The reason that is true is that you and only you are the one who allows your own relaxation and accepts the words, pictures and emotions that flow into your unconscious. It is true in any hypnosis therapy you are always in control. You decide what you will accept!

Thankfully the subconscious mind is a wonderful, loyal friend, completely at your command. It accepts any picture and idea you send it and works diligently to create that result in your life. It never questions whether the idea is good, possible or desirable for you. It simply puts forth all of its effort to bring to you the result you are picturing and emotionally feeling.

This 24-hour-a-day friend, your subconscious, is why hypnosis is so extraordinarily powerful. Your goals and your pathways to your desired results are offered directly to that part of your unconscious mind and the longed for changes then appear in your life as the result.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries in therapeutic scenarios. Today commonly we find it used for weight reduction, past life regression, self-esteem, public speaking, pain control and many habit changes. As a clinical hypnotherapist I help clients with all of these challenges and more.

Hypnosis can prove to be a tremendous short cut when compared to many of the traditional methods of bringing about change. If there are things in your life you would like to change, I encourage you to call or e-mail me today for an initial appointment.

What would you like to change? Would you like to be happier, healthier, feel more in charge of your own life?  I want to help. I am here for you in Rogers Arkansas. Come enjoy your private appointment in my peaceful healing room. Call or e-mail today.


Reverend Lois Cheney

Certified Clinical Hypnotist





When you need help making important life changes, you want it done now! You don’t want to spend months or years to see results. Whether you are yearning to drop excess body weight, get over a fear of heights, recover your own self-esteem, or rid yourself of whatever situation or condition challenges your enjoyment of life, hypnosis makes any change simple and quick.

Regardless of the duration of the problem, no matter how long the unwanted habit, fear or condition has existed, getting the results you want and need can be as easy as enjoying one-hour sessions under clinical hypnosis. Depending on the problem lasting results can be accomplished with as little as three sessions.

With therapies other than hypnosis a person is exhaustively led to examine and re-examine the past. Hashing and rehashing the unwanted habit or condition time and time again does not lead to a quick or speedy recovery. Time just drags on. While obviously it is helpful to understand how the situation came into being, it is not necessary to harp on it.

Fortunately with hypnosis the positive mental picture and pleasant emotion-packed feel of the desired successful change is strongly amplified. Joy and happiness are used. With the hypnotic approach no suffering is required!

The reason hypnosis is so effective in any situation is that it uses the tremendous power of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind works 24 hours a day every day to carry out the program that you feed it. As a hypnotist I carefully “feed it” only the most positive ideas to improve a life situation. For instance: “I am physically strong, healthy and confident” or “My mind is clear and focused” or “I now enjoy meeting new interesting people.”

Every client’s situation is unique. I do not use any “pat” techniques. I know that one kind of approach does not suit all. The specific need for each client is individually addressed. Every treatment is specially created for that particular client.

Your life is important. You have been born with wonderful and very individual gifts. My goal for you is to give you the ability to freely and easily express your talents, your very reason for being. I want to help you drop anything that currently hampers you from being the best you can be.

If there is something in your life you wish to change and will power alone has not been enough, call me! Reverend Lois Cheney, (928)300-2030 or RevLois@gmail.com




We hear a lot of talk about “losing weight”. My feeling is if you lose it you may find it again! If you are carrying more weight on your body than you want or need, wouldn’t it be better to let the extra pounds just melt away forever? With hypnosis that can be done and in much less time than with restrictive diets or other harsh methods.

Whatever motivation you have to become slimmer, I can amplify that desire through hypnosis. If your reasons are health related, I can help you to envision the new you and hold that picture of radiant good health in your mind. If you want to be more attractive to a spouse or partner, I will encourage positive eating habits while bolstering your motivation and self-confidence to help you reach your goal.

If you are motivated to drop excess weight, I can help you. I am not saying that you can be the slim person you desire to be without some effort and some changes on your part. However when you have hypnosis therapy you will find any desired behavior changes will come much more easily! Why? Because hypnosis programs your subconscious and your subconscious wants to help you. That is its job. It works 24 hours every day to give you what it is hypnotically programed to do.

After hypnosis you will find you desire the vegetables and fruits your body needs. The plate of sweet goodies or fatty hamburger won’t look near so appealing. You won’t feel the need to take second and third helpings at dinner. Plus the exercise you need will feel more like fun than work.

Every one of my clients has unique challenges around weight. I treat each client as a special individual. Therefore before beginning hypnosis for anyone, I ask lots of questions. Questions like “Have you been hypnotized previously?” “Are you being treated for any serious medical condition?” Also there are more general questions about life style, foods, cravings, meal times and more.

My goal is to help you attain your ideal weight and keep it. In order to do that I need to know anything that may be responsible for your current weight problem. Sometimes a person may have grown up not having enough food in the home. Other times food was offered as a reward for good behavior or withheld for lack of obedience. Everyone has a different relationship with food. If I discover that relationship I can better assist.

Let’s talk about your goals. I will listen to your feelings and your desired results. I will carefully design a program specifically for you. I want to help you in my role as a certified clinical hypnotist.

If you are tired of carrying too much weight, if you earnestly desire a change, call me today. I can help.

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As I write this question, as I put the words “love” and “dentist” together, I can hear shouts of “no, no, no”! However as a clinical hypnotist I know that the various fears of dental work and fears of the smells and noises of the office itself can be overcome. Your fears are nothing to be ashamed of.

 Resolving these related fears may seem like a miracle to you, really it is not. If you will allow me to use hypnosis to contact your own inner self, your subconscious, to plant some healthier ideas, you can arrive at the point of looking forward to and enjoying a necessary dental visit.

What sort of ideas might I use for you? Rationally you already know that taking care of your teeth and gums is really about good health practice. Another powerful motivator is that you want fresh breath and an attractive radiant smile. I would amplify the creation of those results: great health and sweet breath with a beautiful smile.

Of course before hypnotizing you, I would ask questions to determine where or when the initial fear began. It might have been an incident in childhood or even a past life event. It could have been a horror story told to you by a parent or friend.

Armed with the information of how and when the fear originated, I can develop a plan unique to your personal needs. No two clients are the same and I promise to honor your differences.

If the odors of the chemicals used in the dental office were a sort of fear “trigger”, I might help you learn to differentiate between the different smells, giving them colors or names to keep your visit interesting. Also it could be useful for you to interpret the sound of the drill as a kind of musical rhythm lulling you into a peaceful meditative state.

For instance some of my clients made rapid improvement when encouraged to look closely at the dental workers with interest. They might notice how the receptionist dressed or did the assigned work, speaking to him or her in a complimentary way. Just putting their minds on analyzing something apart from the basic reasons for the dental visit, (anything at all even the office décor), had the effect of keeping their thoughts innocently busy and occupied.

If making a dental appointment and keeping that appointment is difficult or impossible for you, I want to help. I can free you from any fear with just a few hypnotic sessions in my healing room in south Rogers.

Don’t wait. Call or e-mail today. Let’s talk. 928-300-2030 or RevLois@gmail.com.



As we move through our lives there are many experiences that can leave us feeling helpless or lost. We might lose a job we had counted on. Even if it wasn’t our perfect occupation, chances are the income was important to us. We might experience the death of a pet whom we loved and who loved us so much. Worse yet, the passing of a loved one may leave us wondering where our future has gone.

No matter the kind of loss it is inevitably followed by a period of grieving. Grieving is appropriate. It rightfully gives us time to regroup and recover. That grieving can last for days or weeks or months but at some point, we need to gather the pieces of our lives together and redirect our focus.

To stay over-long in grief, while also creating a state of regret or fear in our minds, can lead to mental or physical illness. Depending on the sort of loss, the time for recovery varies. Unfortunately in the severe case of losing a spouse or child grieving any time in excess of 12 months only seems to create further problems.

We have an obligation to ourselves to be completely present, whole and productive day to day. The life of each of us matters. We are here on this earth plane to experience and live fully. If you find yourself unable to move on, to make new plans, after your personal loss, I am here to help you.

As a psychic medium I can answer many of your questions concerning the loss you have experienced. As a certified clinical hypnotist and metaphysical minister  I am ready to help you move forward. It is time to recover your life’s purpose and direction. Call for your personal private appointment. Reverend Lois Cheney (928)300-2030.